Seahorse Charm Mix Dangle Clip On Earrings

Seahorse Charm Mix Dangle Clip On Earrings
Item# CB-209
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Product Description

Take a trip to the seashore any day you like. These whimsical seahorse clip on earrings are long and dangle with tons of goodies you might find along the shore. A beautiful red and white seahorse dangles at the bottom of these eclectic and unique clip on earrings. Tons of red beads, faceted, some smooth and round and different sizes mix with black beads, frosted white beads and pretty flower style decorative beads to mix with the colors in the Seahorse. Seashells and starfish beads dangle at the top and finish this fun themed look. A one of a kind piece. Silver plated hinged screw back clip on earrings that adjust to your comfort level. These are longer earrings, so please make sure you're happy with the measurements before ordering. Measures 3 1/4" long and 1 1/4" wide. Exclusively designed by Nat and Mic for The Clip On Earring Store.