Add A Drop Clear Swarovski Gold Plated

Add A Drop Clear Swarovski Gold Plated
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Product Description

Add A Drop Clear Swarovski Gold Plated
Add a gorgeous drop of color easily to your snap on hoops with these beautiful faceted clear Swarovski crystal beads that slide easily onto your snap on hoops. As shown in the inset picture, just slide the drop right onto your hoop and you can easily accessorize your hoops to make them look like a whole new earring. Purchase any color you need for a boost to your clip on earring hoop wardrobe. Collect them all and enjoy the possibilities.

Please note you receive only a pair of faceted clear Swarovski crystal beads. Snap on hoops must be purchased separately. Snap on hoops are not included.

You receive a complete pair of clear Swarovski crystal beads measures 3/8 inch long and wide. Gold plated. Suitable for use with mid-size, medium or large gold plated snap on hoops.