Artistic Sea Blue Glass Coin Clip On Earrings

Artistic Sea Blue Glass Coin Clip On Earrings
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Product Description

This is the find we love to bring you- the modern artistic glass work that you could only find in an art gallery or museum shop. These designer clip on earrings feature a gorgeous sea blue glass puffed coin shape bead that is so mesmerizing! These look like you captured a bit of the ocean, a nice fluid, calm vibe to this look. The deep ocean blue back drop is filled with flecks of color including green, light blue, silver and black. The artsy look and feel radiates from these with this cool chic color mix. Gorgeous for fall- try them for evening wear- Great with blue eyes! Beautifully wire wrapped for a designer finish. Large half ball style silver plated clip on earrings. Measures 1 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide.