Intriguing Amethyst Glass Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings

Intriguing Amethyst Glass Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings
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Product Description

These are gorgeous for anyone who loves the allure of semi-precious gemstone jewelry. The fine look of deep Amethyst purple mixes with teardrop milky glass in this Sterling Silver design. You’ll love the raised Sterling Silver artistic design that caps onto a milk teardrop glass dangle with a raised oval shaped Amethyst for a truly unique look. This beautiful gemstone is a deep purple. It has been given more honor than most semiprecious gemstones, as it was a very popular stone among the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, English and American civilizations. Amethyst is known as a psychic stone and aids in getting in touch with your own intuition and feelings. It is also associated with increased nobility and spiritual, intuitive awareness. Other energies associated with Amethyst include: power, protection and healing. These look stunning on your ears. Sterling Silver half ball style clip on earrings. Measures 1 ¼ inches long and ½ inch wide. These arrive in a beautiful gift box. Please Note: There are no return on Sterling Silver purchases.